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16th August 2007

4:46pm: Hvor Små Vi Er

dont do anything you regret!

7th January 2007

1:06pm: Its sunday....... nothing else to say, WoW got boring fast..... Nothing to do, if I ask my parents they put mt to work.... and no one wants that.... I think I'll try playing WoW again.... if that doesnt work who knows. School tomorrow, I had two full weeks off, it was great. *looks out window* And its snowing again, Yay! Other then that Life sucks, its boring, and no one seems to pay attention to me.... *sit in the corner*

Peace out hommie gees, yo. Haha just kidding.

28th December 2006

3:56pm: Christmas has passed, and it was great. I got an MC Chris Cd and shirt from Eric and Jessi, $50 gift card to best buy from Pat and Sophie, Gears of War and Eragon, (which is a lot better then I thought it would be) for the 360, and Twilight Princess for Gamecube. And I cant forget the $80 cash.

I am at the end of Gears of War or close to it, cant seem to beat the big guy with bats surrounding him... and I and at Death Mountain in Twilight Princess. All in all it was a good Christmas even though my Dad was with his family across the country, but I don't think many people minded that.

Off to play games now.

2nd November 2006

5:05pm: Yo, I am back from having no computer.
How life has been since: I'm doing okay now, there were three weeks of badness two weeks ago, but I started Medicine and started going to school again. I was having a hard time because my Grandma attempted suicide and failed, but she is now in Rehab for alcohol abuse and I think she will get better. I was mostly staying in bed while i was home for those three weeks, being all depressed and crying, but i finally took the step to get to school. I'm glad I decided to go to this treatment program last march, because it has made all the difference in my life, and when i do slip and fall, I have about 25 people who are ready and willing to help pick me up. I have been spending a lot of time Writing, and Drawing.

I am excited about all the new games coming out, and I really want to see Eragon.

Off to be bored again.... Peace!
4:46pm: I'll be Missin you

Evan and Jackie January 2003 R.I.P.

Ray Stave May 2004 R.I.P.

25th September 2006

8:49am: Depressed...
I am, I wish I werent.... but I am. I am realizing I havent been "happy"in a very long time, almost a year now. I've been "pretending" in a way, but when I would see someone who is happy I would find myself thinking something like "I wish I were them" or "I wish that I could experience something like that." I really dont know what to do, and I'm not sure that I know what im so sad about. Ive had nine months to think about stuff and process it all through my head, but I still think about it a lot. My brother finally found a house, and I'm happy for him, but hes my best friend and I dont want him to move out.... well I do, but I dont. Then comes everyone who died a few years ago.. I keep having memories of friends that drowned in the lake... and I have dreams of her crawling out onto the ice and slowly dying from the cold, its almost to much for me. My mom and I think I need medicine, but I had troubles with Meds before, and I dont want to fall into that again. I have coping skills, and I use them, sometimes.... Just so the few of you that would, dont worry, I will not do anything stupid, I will not self-harm, and I dont have suicidal thoughts, so just kick that out of your thoughts. Eric, Whats happens in Livejournal, Stays in Livejournal.

8th September 2006

10:40pm: For anyone who gives a shit....
Okay, my grandma is kicking us out we have '24 hours' to get out of her house. I wont be online for a while because my computer there doesnt work well... So I'll see you all later.

Thanks, bye.

Oh and Eric, im not kidding.

1st September 2006

12:08pm: Okay, Here is the "Edited Version" of my writing.

CH 1 of EladrielCollapse )

CH 2 of EladrielCollapse )

17th August 2006

9:57pm: Tell me if its okay...
Almost over the hill outside the window, the sun was setting. “I love it when the sky is like that, its so pretty…” an elf woman said, the sun reflecting off her dark green eyes. “You need to know something,” I said slowly, with my arm wrapped around her shoulders. She turned to face me, looking worried. You could always read her flawless face, even if you didn’t know her. “My father is very sick, I need to go to the city for a while, I don’t know how long I’ll be… Katherine, I’m sorry, I leave in two days.” The sun was getting lower, just hugging the top of the hill. “I understand,” she said looking down at her hands, “just… please stay safe.”


“Slaedin, Slaedin wake up, its time,” I was shaken awake by soft hands. “What time is it? How did you find out I was leaving?” Mother was standing over me, with beaming eyes. “I just assumed, you’ve been acting different lately, always looking up at the sun, waiting for something to come, and then, Katherine tells me about your father being sick…” I looked down at the floor, regretting that I didn’t tell her sooner. The grain in the wood stood out in the morning light. The sun wasn’t even up yet. “I am sorry for not telling you. I didn’t want to make you worry… I was going to leave you a note before I left.” Her gaze softened a little, and she sat next to me on the bed. “Oh its alright, come on lets pack for you.” “No need mom, I already did,” I said pulling a green pack from under my bed. It was a worn pack, just one strap across the back. Attached to the front of the pack was a longbow, made of fine rowan wood. Elegant designs carved into the bow made it obvious it was Elven made. “Where’s the quiver?” Mother asked looking under the bed. “Its with Rafdom, I didn’t think I would need it last night. I looked out the window to see the dew dripping off the leaves of the tree. The sun was rising; the tops of the trees were lit.

“I have to get going mom,” I said standing, clothes already on, “Say farewell to Kathy for me, I love you both.” Hugging me, she said, “Be careful my only son.” Out the door, my horse Rafdom was waiting, packs on his back and a quiver full of arrows tied to the saddle. Elven horses are much faster then human bred horses, just a common fact. They are made for running non-stop for days, and keep a fast pace while doing so. Dwarven horses were made for endurance and lasting long in battles, and to go deep into the dwarf’s caves. Human horses were a combination of both, ready for battle, and fast, but not as good as the others at either of their purposes. The human horses had their purpose along with the others.

And so, I was off on the three-day trip to Alanderog, the big Elven city. We made good time on the dusty gravel, stopping to drink water only a few times, and to eat a chunk of jerky. Around midday we passed another traveler. “Gooday’ young elf!” the shorter dwarf called to me in a booming, yet cheery voice, “Were you be off ter’ might I ask?” I dismounted Rafdom. “Off to the big city, and yourself?” I asked inclining my head towards him. “Ah, just off ter’ Brim lake, good fishin’ there!” he pointed back to his pack, a fishing pole sticking out the top. “Long walk isn’t it? Where do you come from?” I inquired. “Just from Kraklet, about 4 and a half dragon lengths east from Alanderog. Not far fer a wandering Dwarf like I,” he said lighting a pipe that seemed to appear out of no-where, “Where do you come from young elf?” A blur sped from one tree to another behind the dwarf, though I wasn’t sure if I really saw something. “Just Branton, about three and a quarter dragon lengths from Kraklet.” The blur sped past again, now curious and worried I drew my bow. “Woah woah! What are you doin’?!” the dwarf exclaimed, looking terrified. “Just get down, there is something… or someone in those trees there. And stop your yelling,” I said slowly walking towards the trees where I last saw the blur. “Whose there!” I yelled into the forest, and got no answer. “Come out! I know your there,” I called again. “Do you really think I’m stupid enough to show myself?” a voice rang out through the small forest, “I can nearly smell the marksman ship on you.” The voice…. I knew that voice. “Alk’ot? Is that you?” I called into the trees. “How do you know my name?” He called a shadow emerging from the trees. “It is I,” I called, “Slaedin Arkroft. Remember? From Branton, we met at the Piken Fest.” A slim catlike man approached from the shadow.

“Ahh yes, I remember now,” he said, his round ears twitching a little. His eyes met with mine and a chill ran through my body. Those yellow golden eyes, piercing right through me. I broke the trance by finally looking away. “Right, well, where are you heading?” I asked the cat. “I’m thinking about Alanderog, I ‘overheard’ you talking about it, would you like to go with me?” he asked, caressing his leather studded chest plate. “Uh, sure,” I replied without even thinking about it, I thought that might have been a mistake. “This is….” I said gesturing at the dwarf. “Odaaf, and you?” he said, a little less cheery by now, he didn’t seem to like cats. “Slaedin Arkroft, Alanderog’s fishermen’s son, this is Alk’ot.” The cat man took his green hat off and bowed. “Well, we might as well set up camp it is almost dark,” Odaaf grumbled. “What? Almost dark?!” It was true, I looked at the sky, the east half was dark with bright stars dappled across it. The other half of the sky was pink, almost orange-ish. The sun wasn’t even in the sky any longer. “Very well, let us set camp,” I said ruefully “Alk’ot you staying with us?” “I might as well, trees don't sound very comfortable tonight,” he said winking at me. “We will need a water source, did you see any rivers or creeks back there Odaaf?” I added. “Yes, follow me.”

When we got to the river, the sky was deep blue, and stars populated the vast expanse. “Here looks good for a fire, I will gather wood,” Alk’ot said pointing at a flat stop in the grass. He took out a small knife and stuck it into the ground. I heard him mumble something in a different language and the grass parted away large enough for a good-sized fire. “You need to teach me some of that magic of yours, Cat,” I said poking him in the side. “Maybe someday….”

The fire was burning high and hot, and Odaaf and Alk’ot were asleep. The stars lit the forest where the trees let the light in. It was quite beautiful here, the light of the stars reflecting off the rushing river water. The clover on the floor of the forest letting off its sweet aroma, and a small rabbit chewing on the little leaves. Everything seemed so real tonight, it seemed more 3-d then usual. I sat up until the three moons were high in the dark sky, and sleep finally attacked me.

I woke to a scratching sound and a deep prumm. I kept my eyes closed while reaching for my small dagger, wary of the unfamiliar sound. I swung out of the bedroll and leapt at the sound in one quick move. The thing that was making the sound must have detected my alarm and made the same movement but defensively. The yellow blur flung dust in my eyes and pounced on me. We wrestled for what seemed like a lifetime. “What are ye’ two doin’? you sound like a bunch of squirrels wrestlin’ over a nut!” Odaaf yelled to us. We stopped out quarreling long enough to get a good look at whom we were attacking. We all broke out laughing when we realized that I was wrestling a cat. “I’m so sorry!” I said trying to catch my breath. Alk’ot looked at me and broke out laughing again. “Why did you attack me? You scared me so bad that I almost used magic,” he said looking me in the eye. I got that chill again and everything seemed to stop. I broke the trance just as before. “I heard something unusual, what was that?” I said in a more serious voice now. I was sharpening my knife, and purring a song,” he said pulling his knife out of the ground. “Oh, I am sorry, it won’t happen again.” “Well, not that that is over, lets have breakfast, I need to keep my muscles fed,” Odaaf exclaimed rubbing his huge biceps.

“What would you like?” the yellow cat asked staring at Odaaf. Odaaf froze for a moment, and looked away. “Just something that will give us energy, we will need it if we want to make it to Alanderog,” the dwarf said looking down at his boots. “I thought you were going to Brim Lake,” I said. “I was, but I decided you might need a wandering dwarf, and Alanderog sounds more fun, I’ve never been there.” Alk’ot sat on the ground an started mumbling his magic again. “No Alk’ot, its my turn,” I said before he could finish his incantation. I strung my bow, and knocked an arrow, and silently padded my way across the clover. I checked under every bush I passed until I finally found what I wanted. A gray smudge almost literally flew past me, bounding off its two hind legs. I flung the arrow right at its back, the speed of the arrow catching up with the rabbit. It flung to the side and the arrow hit the ground harmlessly, another three arrows flew at the rabbit. It dodged the first two and the third stuck into the back of its head. The little beast made a nose-dive into the underbrush leaving a streak of blood behind it. I picked it up by its back legs and brought it over to the two others. “Here, you can cook this, I’m going to hunt more for tonight.” I left the two of them before they could stop me, and traced back to the place where I killed the rabbit. I retrieved all the arrows I flung at the it.

I went back to the camp after two more rabbits were added to my bag. Odaaf was sitting close to the fire roasting the first rabbit. “Where is Alk’ot?” I asked him. He pointed at the river. I brought the rabbits down to the riverside where Alk’ot was sitting, cross-legged. He was wearing the same thing he wore the previous day, a leather studded chest plate, and leather studded greaves, with black highwaymen’s boots. His small mane was standing on end, and he had his claws in the river. The water around his hands was turning a murky white color and it soon hardened. He brought his hands up from the water and there was a pile of diamonds in his hands. I stood and watched in amazement as the diamonds slowly dissolved back into water and ran through his hands. “When will you teach me your arts?” I asked him. He jumped, obviously he hadn’t realized that I was behind him. “Later today maybe.” That was all he said. I sat at the river and laid the rabbits on a flat stone and took out my small knife. I gutted the little creatures, and this time Alk’ot was the one watching. “I will show you magic if you share your hunting secrets with me.”

4th August 2006

6:41pm: I am back from a long but extreemely fun camping trip! i will be posting pictures in a few days.

8th July 2006

7:20am: Fears
[ ] the dark
[ ] staying single forever
[ ] being a parent
[x] being myself in front of others
[ ] open spaces
[ ] closed spaces [sort of]
[x] heights
[ ] cats
[ ] dogs
[ ] birds
[x] spiders and/or other insects
[ ] driving or being in cars
[ ] flying
[ ] flowers or other plants
[ ] being touched
[ ] fire
[x] deep water
[x] the ocean
[ ] failure
[ ] success
[ ] germs
[ ] thunder/lightning
[ ] frogs/toads
[ ] mice/rats
[x] jumping from high places
[ ] snow
[ ] rain
[ ] wind
[ ] cotton balls
[ ] cemeteries
[xx] clowns
[ ] large crowds
[ ] crossing bridges
[ ] death [I fear DYING, but not death]
[ ] Heaven
[ ] being robbed
[ ] men
[ ] women
[x] having great responsibility
[ ] Doctors including dentists
[x] tornadoes
[x] hurricanes
[ ] diseases
[ ] snakes
[ ] sharks
[ ] Friday the 13th
[ ] poverty
[ ] ghosts
[ ] Halloween
[ ] school
[ ] trains or railroads
[ ] odd numbers
[ ] even numbers
[ ] being alone
[ ] being blind
[ ] being deaf
[ ] growing up
[ ] monsters under my bed
[ ] creepy noises in the night [outside]
[ ] bee stings
[x] not accomplishing my dreams/goals
[ ] needles
[ ] blood
[ ] being found unworthy
[ ] mutilation

1st July 2006

9:18am: The Update
Things have been going well, school in the summer still sucks, but I am making it through everything. I have Monday and Tuesday off! I am excited about.... nothing, haha. Therapy is going well, I am opening up a lot more than before, it just seems to get easier as I go a long. My dad is getting harder and harder to deal with since Mom and I left. For example: In the car, everytime we pass a blue van (the color of my mom's van) he starts crying. I dont answer the phone anymore when he calls, he is just getting really hard to be around or talk to. My brother lives with him still, but needs to move soon, he is having a lot of trouble dealing with it.

Other then all this crap that my father is handing me, life is going well. I got new furniture in my room, a REALLY comfortable bed, and an Entertainment center (yay! places for all my books!!)

Oblivion is getting a little boring, I dont want to do the main quest because its a little boring, other then getting cool weapons from the Daedra. The thieves guild isnt as fun anymore, I beat it on my last Profile so i know whats gonna happen, I am Grand Champion in the Arena, I am at a quest i dont want to do in the Dark Brotherhood, and I only did the Mages Guild so i could Enchant things. I am selling my old xbox to my cousin's friend for $70 dollars. I think its a good deal, seeing as, I dont play it much anymore, and old Xbox games can be played on the 360.

I havnt watched Anime in a while, I think I might do that sometime this four-day-weekend, something along the lines of a "Hayao Miyazaki Marathon."

One last thing, Eric, Do you have any old headphones I could use with my Ipod? Mine broke, More like Ike ate the cord. But if you dont I have money, so let me know. And What is talked about in LJ stays in LJ(stuff about dad).

25th June 2006

7:41pm: 1.Elaborate on your default icon.
It’s an Oblivion Icon, I made it myself ;)

2. What's your current relationship status?
Taken, Shh Eric don’t tell.

3. Ever have a near-death experience?
I’ve died a few times.

4. Name an obvious quality you have?
Wittyness :P

5. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now?
Josh Turner- “Way Down South”

6. Any celeb you would marry?
Hmmmm, I’m a little young for Marriage.

7. Who will cut and paste this first?
I am the “cut and paster”

8. Name someone with the same birthday as you:
Graham (some kid from elementary school, who turned into an ass.)

9. Do you have a crush on someone?

10. Have you ever vandalized someone's private property?

11. Have you ever been in a fight?
Yeah, Last year, This kid Austin “tried” to fight me

12. Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?

13. What's the first thing you notice about the OPPOSITE sex?

14. What do you usually order from Starbucks?
Starbucks isn’t my favorite

15. Have you ever hurt yourself on purpose?
Yeah, not anymore

16. Say something totally random about yourself.
My eyes are grey most of the time, sometimes green though.

17. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?

18. Do you wear a watch? What kind?

19. Do you have anything pierced?

20. Do you have any tattoos?

21. Do you like pain?
Certain kinds.

22. Do you like to shop?
Not really.

23. What was the last thing you paid for with cash?
A book.

24. What was the last thing you paid for with a credit card?
I not old enough.

25. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

26. What is on your desktop background?
A Bethesda Background, of a Daedric armor thingy.

27. What is the background on your cell phone?

28. Do you like redheads?

29. Do you know any twins?
The baseball team?

30. Do you have any weird relatives?
What kind of question is that? Of course I do!

31. What was the last movie you watched?
White Squall

32. What was the last book you read?
”Eldest” by Christopher Paolini

33. Did you or are you planning to go to college?
I plan to

34. What is your favorite pair of pants that you own?
I don’t wear pants! Haha just joking people, settle down -_-

35. Do you like to party?
yeah, sometimes, I’m more of an Interverted kind of person.

36. Where do you see yourself in five years?
I cant read the future.

25th May 2006

8:58pm: ANYWAY as you saw like 5 minutes ago, it looks scary outside.  I just finished "When a Stranger Calls" it was pretty good I think... since Oblivion isnt working im playing Morrowind, wonderful game.  I am taking the test to get my Driver's Permit tomorrow, I took one today and passed so I feel confident about the next one. okay, the sky is not pink anymore but the air is still green.  "That looked like a frog being electracuted"~Colin Mockery.

4th May 2006

9:24pm: Hello, I'm just posting to day that I'm sorry to my brother and that i unblocked him, and if he gets this to IM me because AIM IS STUPID and i dont know how it works unless someone IMs me, and one more thing Eric, the restart and hold A thing, is there a way to confirm it worked? and GAIM isnt working for me it says something like "Could not connect to host"??? help me :P

2nd May 2006

2:09pm: Meh
Hello again, It is I the wonderful Max. I lost me password to my old livejournal:( so i created this one instead. Yeah so, i'll catch you up on how lifes goin with me.

My parents temporarily are seperated which makes life suck ass, my dad is really needy, eric dont tell anyone i said that. I live at my grandmas house, with my mom and obviously my grandma.I started a new school recently, well its not a school its a "Day Treatment Program" there are only about 24 kids in this program. There are three hours of school work (math, english and social studies) and the rest of the day is therapy(3 hours). I really reaqlly really like this school compared to the others. The therapy is nice to have too. Every other wednesday we go to a horse ranch to be with the horses CAUTION: getting hit in the face by a horse hurts. And the wednessdays that we arent at the ranch we are doing pottery.

So yeah.... thats pretty much whats happening. Eric tell me when to get pat to drive me there something this may.
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